Technical SEO

TEchnical SEO support

When your site is being crawled and indexed by a search engine, the bots read the code as well as the content. A well-built site demonstrates that the organization is committed to the site and cares about the consumer experience. This commitment to quality is rewarded by the algorithms that determine ranking positions.

Another key factor to consider is that the indexing of your site is halted if the crawler bot indexing your site finds a problem with your code. This could result in a number of your pages not being entered into the search index, in essence, you will not rank naturally for these pages.

What we offer

Technical sEO Activities

  • Website Migration
  • Automated technical compliance audits
  • Manual deep dives
  • Semantic data strategies
  • Internal Link Optimisation
  • Analytics integration and configuration
  • Management and auditing of local listings
  • Social SEO audits
  • SEO Implementation support and consultancy
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