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SEO Services


Project Setup

Domain SEO Audit, Ground Zero Report, GA & Webmaster Integration


Best SEO Practice + Optimization

Competition Analysis, Keyword Research & Finalization, Technical SEO Optimization & Recommendations.


Hygiene + maintenance

Meta Optimization, Re-aligning Keywords, Keyword Ranking Tracking (monthly)

What we offer

Technical SEO

When your site is being crawled and indexed by a search engine, the bots read the code as well as the content. A well-built site demonstrates that the organization is committed to the site and cares about the consumer experience.

  • Website Migration
  • Automated technical compliance audits
  • Manual deep dives
  • Semantic data strategies
  • Internal Link Optimisation
  • Analytics integration and configuration
  • Management and auditing of local listings
  • Social SEO audits
  • SEO Implementation support and consultancy

Universal Search Optimization

The growing impact of social media on search rankings suggests brand builders will have to combine both search marketing and social media marketing. Universal Search is the next giant step forward in the evolution of search engines. Google has designed Universal Search to present all forms of media including video, images, PDF files, maps and news items on one, comprehensive results page. 

Universal Search offers brands an opportunity to dominate (“Road block”) the search results with their content, through a strategic, multi-faceted approach to SEO, thus ensuring they win the click.

Enterprise SEO

Our Enterprise SEO leverages strategic automation, established workflows, and cross-functional collaboration to improve scalability.

  • Our Enterprise SEO services are led by a team of SEO experts that have a combined increase of over BILLION in additional revenue for businesses through organic search. 
  • All Enterprise SEO services are custom tailored for each client.
Inspire Clicks provides vast integration between the brand and our SEO team than a typical vendor-client relationship.

SEO Strategy

  • Opportunity forecasting
  • Keyword discovery and definition
  • Keyword mapping
  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Content strategy
  • SEO KPI identification
  • Integrated SEO

Content Marketing

We help great brands scale with SEO-focused content marketing.

  • Strategy & Research
  • Content Production
  • Content Promotion


  • SEO KPI reporting
  • Organic search visibility of monitored keywords
  • Competitor bench-marking (SOV)
  • CRO and user journey analysis
  • Points of view on industry trends
  • Project status updates
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