Online Reputation Managment


Brands need to ensure that when consumers search for brand & product terms that consumers are directed to content the brand has control over and not content produced by rival brands or worse detractors.

Simple tactics brands can deploy to protect their brand online:

  • Use social listening tools to monitor for negative brand stories
  • Create landing pages telling your side of the story and submit these page to the Google index
  • Use SEO to direct consumers to your content
  • Amplify positive earned media with SEO
  • Consider developing content in advance of a story breaking to obtain high ranking

ORM - Things to DO

Brands can request that their brand & product terms are protected, this will prevent rival companies or individuals from buying these keywords.

Brand monitoring

Regularly monitoring of your brand via ORM/Social Media tools

Third-party website monitoring

Monitoring Other websites where people are posting negative content for your Brand

Quality Content

To deal with negative content, you should prepareĀ  quality content for your Brand

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